The HARP Solution. The Home Affordable Refinance Program, abbreviated as HARP, is a United States program developed by the Federal Housing Finance Agency to help underwater and near-underwater homeowners refinance their mortgages. The program is designed to reduce stress on homeowners following the correction of U.S. housing prices in recent years.

In other words, if your loan is owned by either entity and your loan is eligible, you could be 1000 percent financed and your refinance loan will not be denied based upon valuation. In order to.

HARP Mortgage program qualification criteria. Have you been told that you can’t refinance? Do you have good credit but can’t refinance because you bought your house during the height of the market? Has someone told you that you don’t qualify because you have PMI?

What are the requirements to qualify? You must meet all of the following requirements to be eligible to refinance under HARP. Your mortgage must be owned or.

The home affordable refinance program (harp. Mac’s Enhanced Relief Refinance and Fannie Mae’s High Loan-to-Value Refinance Option. How do you qualify for a HARP loan? Your current LTV ratio must be.

Qualifying criteria The mortgage must be owned or guaranteed by Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae. The mortgage must have been acquired by Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae on or before May 31, 2009. The homeowner must not have a previous HARP refinance of the mortgage, The homeowner must be current on their.

USDA loans – This government program aimed at rural buyers requires a credit score of at least 640 to qualify. HARP Loans – Home refinancing offered through the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) requires no minimum credit score to qualify.

conventional mortgage vs fha reverse mortgage when you die Is FHA mortgage insurance cheaper than PMI? – the monthly payment would actually be $47 less with the conventional mortgage, Hackett says. In this example, the FHA loan has a $1,980 upfront mortgage insurance premium added to the total loan.

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The new Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP 2) is a government refinance program for. HARP 2 Refinance Program Guidelines & Qualifying Criteria.

Apply to check eligibility). THE HARP PROGRAM MAY ONLY BE AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED TIME. HARP (Home Affordable Refinance Program) helps homeowners that are currently "under water" with their home’s value. If you fit the guidelines, you can take advantage of the HARP program and refinance while Mortgage Interest Rates are at record lows.

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HARP refinance loans require a loan application and underwriting. To be eligible for a HARP or HARP2 refinance, your mortgage loan must.